How to buy:

 Find and Create a Wallet, we personally use meta mask! Contract address for ELE Use this address ONLY (0x63C31979F220F134750f98fA3ad277eCB618B0B6)


Buy: 8%

Sell: 15%

Deposit Money to Your Wallet on Meta Mask, it's fairly simple. You click the Meta Mask plugin on your Chrome, and it will display the wallet address at the top:

 connect wallet to

  Click the "Connect to wallet" in the top right corner Select the wallet you want to use Approve the wallet connect, then place your order!

to place an order:

 To place an order:  Simply select the token you have a balance of in the first section.  (We'll discuss how to use contract addresses at the very end if the token does not exist in the dropdown) Select the token you wish to buy.  Type in either the amount of BNB you want to buy or the amount of token you want to buy.   For example, if I want to buy 50 of the EPT tokens, I will type in 50 into the second box. But if I want to only spend 1 BNB on however much EPT token, I will type in 1 BNB in the first box.  Click "Swap" Click "Confirm Swap" Your Meta Mask wallet will prompt you to confirm the trade.   Click Confirm and it will execute the swap  

Few notes:

 You can use any BEP20 token to buy another BEP20 token. It doesn't matter what the token is originally pegged to.    For example, with USDC to EPT, the first transaction will be to swap the USDC into BNB and then the BNB into EPT. This is all done automatically for you by Pancake Swap.  However, it's always recommended to swap with the pegged tokens as the fees will be lower. In our case, it will be BNB.    Please be mindful of slippage!!

Beware of Contract address's

Some tokens will not be available in the dropdown list where you select which token you want to buy. This is simply because the network has not been updated or the token has not been added to Pancake Swap, Coin gecko, etc. This is normal for new token listings.   To purchase those tokens, you will require their contract address.   For example, you can find ELE contract address here (0x63C31979F220F134750f98fA3ad277eCB618B0B6)  


Check on active listing pages like, poo coin (you can see if the "contract" wallet is buying or selling also, you can see if the coin/token is fake buy the sell's and buys. be wary of HONEYPOT tokens!(just google it). or use the, it'll show recent exchanges, buys or sells.

Donations are greatly appreciated!

if you would like to support the project anything that is donated will be used FOR the project! 0x527Da2a18413B9Acd9A9c3B8baDf92eB56EE5a76