About Us


        ElephantToken is a Hyper-Deflationary token on the Binance smart-chain network.  ElephantToken is a community driven token, we have survived massive panic sells in the past. ElephantToken is a project with a difference, it is restoring trust and simplicity to the world of crypto-currency and its users.

Our Goal

      The project’s goal is to bring trust to token economies through governance-as-a-service — all while delivering security, scalability and a user-friendly experience within our team and community on telegram. Our goal is to have the best NFTS on the market, and we want to have a massive telegram group in the near future, which it is already rapidly expanding fast! So come on over and join us!

Our Future

     The future of the project we have in -store, involves an awesome NFT marketplace, that all users can purchase! charity giveaways to in-need organizations to help fight poverty, and donations to our wildlife management!


           ElephantToken is not just another meme coin or washed-up dog coin. Elephants are one of the strongest and largest animals that walk the earth, in just 2 weeks after launch we have the start of NFTS, ElephantToken team has just released EllieSwap!! all users of EllieSwap are able to do the basic swaps similar to pancake swap or bakery-swap, Users will be able to Swap smart chain tokens for ELE tokens or Swap ELE tokens for Smartchain tokens. Custom tokens will be able to be found and swapped as well. so, stay tuned for all important updates in the telegram channel and on twitter.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the project or Marketing, you can email us at

ElephantTokenOfficial@gmail.com or elephanttoken192@gmail.com